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REDWOOD INVESTMENTS, an independent investment management boutique, specializes in managing Large and Small Capitalization Equity portfolios for ERISA, foundation, endowment and private clients. Redwood also offers Sustainable Investing strategies that incorporate environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) factors with traditional investment analysis. Portfolios are managed by an experienced investment team utilizing a sophisticated investment process. The portfolio management team employs a disciplined, fundamentally driven stock selection process which integrates in-depth bottom-up equity research informed by proprietary quantitative tools and an advanced portfolio optimization construction system – all aimed at delivering superior and consistent investment performance.  In addition, Redwood’s entrepreneurial employee-owners aspire to deliver highly attentive client service.   

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WATCH:  Co-CIO Michael Mufson highlights the benefits of integrating ESG research into the Redwood Investments equity stock selection process at the US Sustainability Investment Forum in Chicago.